Bright LAB

This lab is a collaboration between B. Amsterdam and COD, the pioneering development company owned by B. Bright is a platform within COD that innovates the real estate world from the inside. This has led to this physical lab.

Bar Bistro Bureau

In our restaurant we have various possibilities for groups. Besides eating and/or drinking in your own (inside or outside) part of the restaurant, you can also gather in one of our containers.

The Wiechert

Our largest and most special room. The room can be expanded with several break-out rooms and has its own entrance and bar.

The Richard

This room is adjacent to The Wiechert. It is a bright room that can be flexibly arranged.

The Muhammad

Wonderful open space with lots of daylight. Easy to reach from The Wiechert. Good to use as break-out room.

The Chris

Inspiring room full of trophies. Easy to reach from the Lounge of B.1. One of our most popular rooms.

The Oprah

This square room is one of the break-out rooms for The Wiechert and very multifunctional. Quick access from the lounge and The Wiechert.

The Arianna

The Arianna is perfect for creative focus sessions thanks to its yellow cheerful appearance. Easy access from lounge and The Wiechert. Ideal break-out space.

The Freddy

Fine room with a large auditorium. Ideal for intimate sessions with an audience. Lots of daylight early in the day.

The Henry

A cosy room with indirect daylight. Suitable for a workshop. Room can be extended to a larger room.