Bright LAB

This lab is a collaboration between B. Amsterdam and COD, the pioneering development company owned by B. Bright is a platform within COD that innovates the real estate world from the inside. This has led to this physical lab.

The Freddy

Fine room with a large auditorium. Ideal for intimate sessions with an audience. Lots of daylight early in the day.

The Elon

Suitable room for presentations, with indirect daylight.

The Jack

Greenhouse, made entirely of glass. Good break-out area for The Louis.

The Sheryl

This unique room gives the boardroom feeling your meeting needs. It can also be used as a break-out room.

The Larry & Sergey

The meeting units are perfect spaces to retreat to. The rooms are standard in boardroom arrangement.

The Joanne

The meeting units are equipped as standard with an LCD screen and an HDMI connection. The rooms are standard in boardroom arrangement.